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  • July 3, 2015



Boerne, Texas

AJ Travel, Inc. is a locally owned travel company that was started in May of 1989. We have been rated by the San Antonio Business Journal as one of the top five agencies for the past ten years, and we attribute our growth to our clients. The professional staff at AJ Travel, Inc. is dedicated to providing personal service. With the constant changes in the travel industry, AJ Travel, Inc. continues to explore the latest and most technological enhancements of keeping up to date on all travel changes, and to pass them on to all our clients. AJ Travel, Inc. has a reputation of honesty, integrity, professionalism and dependability.

AJ Travel is a full service travel agency offering the best value for your travel dollars on air tickets, cruises, tours, hotels, car rentals, and rail travel. We invite you to stop by or call. We also offer a twenty-four hour traveler's assistance services that is available anytime or anywhere in the U.S. During business hours, through our nationwide toll-free number, and after hours, through our emergency service on a twenty-four hour toll-free hotline. 1-800-639-9357.

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Business ID: 1120466243 | Universal ID: bc2fc921-62dc-574e-859e-63721adb2d9d

16404 San Pedro Ave San Antonio, TX 78222

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