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Daylight saving time not popular with nightshift

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Early Sunday morning, when a majority of Boerne residents are supposedly sleeping, clocks all over the nation will suddenly fall backward one hour. When it’s 2 a.m., suddenly it becomes 1 a.m.

Which is a boon for some, but not so great for the unfortunate sliver of the local population who will have to work an extra hour of the so-called graveyard shift.

If U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics are loosely applied, it could be extrapolated that almost 1,000 extra man-hours will be worked on that single night by Kendall County folks. This includes healthcare and pharmacy workers, law enforcement officers, emergency personnel like EMS and firefighters, and production employees – all of whom will put in even longer overnight hours than usual.

Two of such workers (who asked to remain anonymous) weren’t entirely exuberant over the tacked-on wee-hour hour.

“Dreadful,” one said simply. “You feel like the night is moving along fairly well, then all of a sudden you’re whacked a step back.”

“Sure I get paid for the extra hour,” another said, “but it just means that falling into bed is just that much further off.”

It really doesn’t seem fair, given that most folk will actually be enjoying an additional sleeping hour for that one night of the year.

Unless they’re parents of small children, babies not being respectful of such things as clocks or government-mandated schedule changes.