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Letters to the Editor

Progress - what does it mean?

The dictionary says that progress is forward or onward movement or motion. Does that depend on which direction you are facing? What if those who are creating movement (progress) are facing a different direction than the rest of the community? How can this be for the betterment of our students and community?

Is progress always good? How many benefit from this progress as well as how many may be on the losing side. Which side are you on? What about those who are the silent majority?

A portion of the last school bond election that was passed stated that Middle School North would get a new band hall. The community supported that proposition, however, now the wording has been changed by someone and only a remodel of the old band hall has been accomplished.

Where did that money go? Is this progress or do we see it as deception of the voters? Can we trust a future bond issue to do what it says it will do? How can someone change the intent to their own liking? Is this lawful? Why was this decided?

We are now going to have a fantastic new middle school at Bergheim. Traditionally, the new principal is named at midyear to organize faculty and staff for the new school. Why is the naming of a football coach so important when no other staff members like fine arts personnel, English teachers, math teachers or any other have been named? Is football more important than the rest of the teachers or is this an attempt to downplay the importance of other subjects? Who decided that? Why?

Our students are expected to compete with all other districts around us with less time in class because our block schedule eliminates daily work time in each class and allows for less total time on task. Block schedule means that students have 8 classes divided into two parts. Example, one week the A part may meet on M-W-F and the B part meets on T-TH. The next week they will switch. The A and the B part have the same number of minutes over two weeks. The A part of the block has four and a half hours of class one week and three hours of class the next week. Each part has seven and a half hours (450 minutes) of class time every two weeks or 3.75 hours (225 minutes) every week on average.

No other district around us has this schedule. They all have a regular schedule where every class meets every day and students get about 5 hours (300 minutes) of class time weekly. Compare 3.75 hours (225 minutes) in Boerne and 5 hours (300 minutes) in other districts and you see what our competitive students deal with. How is this progress? Is this even fair to our students? Yet we are still competitive. Could you see more results with more time on task? Yes, we have the best students anywhere.

If progress means we are moving forward, which direction are we facing? Where is the progress when a beautiful historical home behind Riverside is demolished in the night to make way for a parking lot for a pharmacy that will now likely not be built in that location?

Will the home be rebuilt? Goodbye heritage! Is that kind of progress good for our community or are we losing our heritage in the name of progress? Who benefits while the rest do not? Why? Is this progress at the expense of our heritage? If progress means we are moving forward, which direction are we facing?

Our silent majority needs to be as vocal as the ones dictating our movement. Is there a hidden agenda in all this or is this all just political?

The availability of water seems to be overlooked as well because the subdivisions are being built faster than ever before. Our aquifer has much less water than the Edwards to our south and yet even San Antonio is taking water from our aquifer. How can that be?

Canyon Lake can supply only so much water, our wells have only so much water, so where is the rest going to come from? Is rainfall the answer? Gypsum and sulphur water are already entering the county from the west. Where do we go from here? What next?

– Larry Schmidt, Boerne