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Letters to the Editor

Post office mess

I wanted the citizens of Boerne and surrounding area to be aware of the problems that I have encountered with the local Boerne Post Office when I moved to Dallas in November 2018.

The postal system has a Change of Address Form that all post offices in the U.S. give to their customers to complete before moving. I completed my COA form on Nov. 8, and took it to the Boerne PO where the local clerk took it, looked at it and said that it was filled out correctly.

I listed Nov. 15 on this form as my moving date. I did not receive any forwarded mail until early January 2019. In desperation, I contacted the buyer’s Realtor, who advised that due to remodeling, the new owners had not moved into the house yet. She coordinated with their local family members who collected over six weeks of my mail and forwarded it to my new address on Dec. 27.

My concerns: Why did the carrier keep cramming my mail in this box from Nov. 15 to Dec. 27? Seeing all this mail pile up, duh? How was this postal employee trained and who was supposed to get him my COA form information? Who at the Boerne PO were negligent in doing their jobs? I have written twice to the Boerne Postmaster and have had no response at all. I feel sorry for the citizens in Boerne who have to experience this irresponsible service.

Good luck in calling the Boerne PO. Their website does not even list the Postmaster’s name. I wonder why that is.

– Jerry H. Swetland, now of Dallas