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Exchanging favors

I apologize to the readers for posting some erroneous information about Judge Lux’s pay increase in my last letter to editor and would like to correct it. I stated he gave himself a $14,650 pay raise when it was actually $16,450 which totals a whopping 20.3 percent increase!

The commissioners were given a 1.9 percent raise with the rest of the county employees. You’re probably saying right now that it sure must be nice to set your own salary with taxpayer dollars.

But wait, it gets even better! Last year, our county commissioners gave themselves a 22.3 percent ($12,567) raise while most county employees received about 2.7 percent and the judge took a 0 percent.

So while the commissioners and county judge exchange favors with each other, the rest of our county employees are stuck with the little 1.9 and 2.7 percent increases. Please note: Richard Chapman was not a commissioner when the court gave themselves raises last year.

These numbers say a lot for a part time job and I welcome our county commissioners and judge to respond to this letter to justify their actions. Let’s see if they’re willing to let the people decide and put it on the ballot?

– Mike Luckey, Boerne