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Letters to the Editor

Where do plastics go?

With all the recent concerns regarding the impact of plastics on the environment, I am surprised at the decision to no longer accept them at the County Recycling Center. If the Recycling Center wasn’t receiving any income from plastic removal, isn’t it now going to be more costly to add these materials to the regular trash removal? If Fair Oaks Ranch still accepts plastics, is anything being done to have their recycler or other vendors handle Kendall County’s? Just giving up is not “the right thing to do.” – Richard Park, Boerne

Perfect for a roundabout

I like the idea of roundabouts – there is one in Fort Worth at the entrance to the Arts District that changed the most confusing intersection in the city to a moving enterprise a couple of decades ago. There is one particular place in Boerne where a weird intersection could be handled by a roundabout, and there is ample room for such a traffic remedy. I’m not sure that it’s a red-light dead trap, but, it sure can be intense encountering it periodically. The intersection of North Main, North School and Adler Roads is a prime controlled-speed roundabout site begging for such a solution for people coming off westbound Adler, going in any direction – south, north, northwest, southeast – all possible travel directions coming off of Adler in just one traffic passage by one car, with cars moving in five directions at once. The surrounding property would more than handle a roundabout. Main Street at this point is still a state highway (TX-87), and it would take a decision by the state to get that done, Boerne has no prerogative there, until it takes over Main Street, which won’t happen until there is an alternate route through or around Boerne, other than Main Street/Hwy. 87 and Hwy 46. The city/county/community collaboration on transportation mobility is a huge pending question mark for the city’s future. It will be interesting to see how we all resolve it. Get Involved. In a roundabout way, it’s up to you, too. – Edward L. Rogers, Boerne