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Letters to the Editor

County pay raises

Our Commissioners Court finished their budget hearings and at the end of the day, County Judge Darrel Lux received a pay increase of over 20 percent while most county employees will receive a 1.9 percent pay increase next year.

It sure must be nice to be able to vote for your own salary increase that is paid for with taxpayer dollars! This is a slap in the face to all county employees and a dagger in the hearts of the citizens of this county. Never before have we seen such inequality and the lack of concern for others in the county.

There is a saying that’s been around for a couple thousand years and the truthfulness of it cannot be refuted or denied by anyone.

“For where a man’s treasure is, there shall his heart be also.”

Please let this sink in a little. The real damage to our community is not the $14,650 pay increase our county judge just gave himself. The real damage is what our Commissioners Court just showed each and every one of us, and that is who they really care about.

For those who don’t know, the Commissioners Court sets the salaries for all county employees. Darrel Lux could not do this on his own, Commissioners Christina Bergmann (Pct. 1), Richard Elkins (Pct. 2), Richard Chapman (Pct. 3), and Don Durden (Pct. 4) all voted in favor of the budget, which included the pay increases. Our County Sheriff Al Auxier was given a $10,774.00 raise, which he stated to the court that he didn’t want.

The sheriff said; “Give my raise to my employees” and the Commissioner’s Court denied his request.

So, while our county sheriff pleads for his people, our county judge is lining his pockets. What a sad day for Kendall County. Where is your heart?

– Mike Luckey, Boerne

Daytime closures

Boerne residents continue to be challenged by TxDOT and I-10 construction activity. The road changes are absolutely essential, but the execution of necessary construction leaves a lot to be desired.

For example on two occasions the Highway 46 exit on I-10 eastbound was cordoned off for some reason in the middle of the day meaning that travelers wanting to exit had to go in either direction on Bandera Road had to go the Boerne Stage Road exit and back track to the Highway 46 exchange to go to where they wanted to go. If the supervisors of the construction think this is OK — shame on them.

– Bill O’Connor, Boerne