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Letters to the Editor

Make a difference

Responding to “Growth: a good thing” by Laura Bray, (Sept. 27, Boerne Star.)

Growth is happening and we are not going to stop it. More and more people are moving to Texas and they need a place to live. Like us they want to live in Boerne – top-notch schools, decent cost-of-living, close to major airports, beautiful countryside and friendly people.

As Laura Bray says, the key is to control the growth process, and “preserve the character of our community.”

Last month I attended a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on the permanent zoning of areas annexed into Boerne. Laura Talley, the planning community and development director, advocated for a number of RA zone Single-Family Residential-Agricultural districts located next to our city treasure, the Cibolo Nature Center, be converted to B-1, High-Density Residential and Neighborhood Commercial Districts.

Ms. Talley cited the Future Land Use Plan to support her request. Fortunately her recommendation failed and the RA zones were preserved. However it made me aware that our Future Land Use Plan and our city planners do not support the preservation of the unique character that is Boerne.

In addition there were only four citizens who spoke in opposition to these permanent zoning requests! One of them, Donna Taylor represented the Cibolo Nature Center – thank goodness. You want to make a difference? Advocate, make your voice heard, attend city meetings, write your local and state officials. That bumper sticker, well I guess it is something to read as I sit behind you in traffic.

– Amy Bean, Boerne

Problems with parents

I pen this in response to the recent post under the title of Better gun control, Progressive Views, by Rudy Jimenez. I take severe exception to his rant of misinformation.

I spent a career of 28 years in law enforcement. The majority of that time I was assigned to patrol duties as either a deputy or a supervisor. Additionally during my career I was assigned to the investigations division in a unit that handled a variety of crimes, mostly felony assaults. The number of victims I encountered over the years who were the result of violence, numbers in the hundreds.

Weapons of war as Mr. Jimenez described as being fully automatic are highly regulated by the federal government and very few people actually own them. I never witnessed a fully automatic firearm used in any violent assault.

Semi automatic firearms are widely available in both pistol as well as rifle configurations. And yes, millions have been sold and are used by people. Contrary to Mr. Jimenez’s statement, they are used for target practice as well as hunting.

In my years of dealing with violence and injured people harmed by firearms I can say from first hand experience that the firearm related crimes were committed with small, easily concealed pistols. Both revolvers and semiautomatics. A majority of the victims I saw were actually injured by other items of opportunity, hammers, rocks, baseball bats or other heavy objects and knives.

Statistics that show what weapons are used in crimes are tracked by the F.B.I. And can be easily researched and as such disprove the inferences made by Mr. Jimenez. His letter was written to inflame readers’ emotions using rhetoric and racial hatred incitements. Linking the KKK with hunters, collectors and the NRA is just an example of someone throwing stuff against a wall to see what might stick.

In my 28 years of law enforcement, I was charged with upholding the laws as outlined in the Penal Code that consisted of over a thousand pages. It was updated annually with more rules. Not to mention the rules and regulations in the other State Codes.

My experience was that there were not enough or proper rules, but rather there has been a general decline in our nation’s morality and values. These are taught at home, not through rules and regulations. My career was long and successful and my retirement secure because parents failed to teach their children how to behave and be good members of society.

It is easy to jump on the bandwagon to ban guns thinking that is the answer. It is difficult to hold individuals accountable, especially parents. Until we quit thinking that “My little Johnny couldn’t have done that” and return to making “little Johnny” be responsible for his behavior, our society’s problems will not get better.

– Steven Fisk, Boerne