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Letters to the Editor

Hope exists

We have all experienced them, the worst of days and the best of days, all within a short span of hours.

October 21 was one of those days for me. My day began by witnessing yet another miscarriage of justice occurring at the Kendall County Courthouse. This latest travesty of justice was courtesy of an ill-prepared, misguided visiting judge from Bexar County. The judge had been assigned the case by the Presiding Judge of the Sixth Administrative Judicial Region.

Miscarriages of justice over the past several decades were not uncommon. The local court was presided over by a judge known far and wide for not permitting the law to get in the way of his legal decisions. Fortunately, those days are behind us with the election of our current presiding 451st District Court judge. Judge (Kristen) Cohoon’s election was evidence that a fair and impartial system of justice was again possible in Kendall County.

Following the hearing and disposition of the legal matter I was once again questioning what constitutes justice in Kendall County. Fast forward to last evening’s meeting of the city of Boerne’s Planning and Zoning Commission. The main topic for consideration and action was the requested approval of the preliminary plat, Phase 2 for the Shoreline Park housing project.

Following much public deliberation, testimony and a closed-door executive session, the men and women of the Planning & Zoning Commission reached a decision that was contrary to staff recommendations and one that they had been warned previously by legal counsel, should they still choose to render, could subject each and every one of them to personal legal action by the applicant.

The P&Z commissioners temporarily denied approval of the proposed plat, pending the submittal of more comprehensive engineering studies. They did not waiver, they were not intimidated by lawyer’s threats, they voted their conscience.

Whether you agree with the decision or not, their action demonstrated to me that hope exists and our system of government still works when led by thoughtful and principled individuals.

For a brief shining moment my faith in government was again restored. To the men and women of the P&Z Commission, I offer my most sincere thanks and gratitude.

– Robert L. Imler, Kendall County Seniors matter

Culturally appropriate care-giving is vital to families, both locally and across the state.

The elderly population in Kendall County is approaching 20 percent of the population, compared to 12 percent of the population statewide.

The elderly are a growing force in the future economy, residency and services sector here, more so than most Texas counties.

Public policy, economic development, housing, transportation, mobility and health care are all growing elements in serving this cohort.

City, county, chamber, business, and education sectors of the community are all tasked with these future concerns. It’s time to integrate aging into the county mindset regarding where we go from here in Boerne and Kendall County.

– Edward L. Rogers, Boerne

Not in majority

I found Rudy Jimenez’s recent gun control viewpoint (Progressive Views, Boerne Star, Friday, Oct. 4, Page 4A) amusing and equally absurd.

It will prove extremely difficult to find someone who served with any other sergeant major as ignorant as Mr. Jimenez’s self-portrayal. On the other hand, there is no shortage of liberal ‘crats as strident and demonstrably disingenuous in their misinformation and misrepresentation such as Mr. Jimenez.

He specifically cites U.S. Code’s Title II firearms (UZI, AK-47, M-16, etcetera), already strictly regulated under the National Firearms Act, 1934, and subsequently banned from further manufacture and possession by the Gun Control Act, 1986. The enforcement of which has been delegated to the U.S. Treasury Department’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Expolosives. A simple phone call to the NFA branch will confirm that while writing his column and looking at statistics, he blithely chose to ignore them and intentionally mislead.

Mr. Jimenez may well be a current resident, but like most of our liberal ‘crats, does not reflect the majority held values of Kendall County and Boerne citizens born or raised here.

Most fortunately, I would assert.

– Donald Schwartz, Boerne