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Letters to the editor

Make anti-vaxxers pay!

Facts, logic and reasoning will not change the minds of those who refuse to vaccinate their children, but simple economics might. ...Officials need only require that the anti-vaxxers provide insurance to be able to enroll their children in public schools or use public facilities - hospitals, libraries, etc.

Once they realize that they’ll be paying the cost of other people getting infected due to their lack of consideration we’ll see if they’re prepared to put their money where their mouths are.

– Edmond Muhlenberg


Offense taken

I was perplexed by a front page article written by Elena Tucker stating that Senator Campbell’s chief-of-staff had publicly disparaged Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District Director Milan Michalec. Since I’m Senator Campbell’s chief-of-staff, I should remember making such a bold public statement. Reading the article, it was a relief to learn that my memory was intact and that the so-called public statement was just a reply I made to a Facebook post by Mr. Michalec, who is an elected official.

Why Mr. Michalec chose to bring my online comments to the attention of your publication is a mystery, since few outside of the private Facebook group to which Mr. Michalec is an administrator previously saw them. I stand by the words I wrote and continue to disagree with Milan’s policy position, which I argue put Trinity Aquifer wells at risk. Let that much be known publicly.

It is disappointing to see your paper waste valuable front-page space on a dull online exchange between a local elected official and a private citizen. If the Cow Creek Director brought this to your attention to publicly shame me or those who disagree with him, I’m afraid he’s mistaken.

I also wish you would have reached out to me for a comment given his mischaracterization of events. The full thread of my comments show a desire for open dialogue, not disparagement.

Accurate journalism is about presenting the facts and letting the reader draw conclusions. This article fails that test. As a graduate of Boerne High School and a former editor of the Boerne High School Newspaper, I have always respected the Boerne Star. Please strive for a higher standard and leave the fake news to CNN and the New York Times.

– Jon Oliver