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Letters to the Editor

Science says otherwise

In response to the Progressive Views article by a Champion High School student on how bad our government is about the so-called global warming, now climate change, I feel sorry that our future citizens of this great country are having their brains filled with such falsehoods about climate from their teachers. The teachers in the Boerne Independent School District should do real research about the climate instead of just regurgitating the climate nonsense from people with big political agendas. 

The student mentioned CO2 levels as important. However, the earth’s atmosphere has had far higher CO2 content many times and for much of the geologic past and many glacial events have occurred during those times, notably during the Carboniferous and Silurian. 

The inescapable conclusion is that CO2 has very little relationship to the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. This is the conclusion that was reached by many scientists who have looked at ice core data and found that increases in CO2 in the atmosphere occur several hundred years after temperatures have risen. They do not change in lock-step as has been claimed. 

Also, I remember in graduate school in the early ’70s, that the conclusion of most earth scientists was that we were going to enter a mini ice age in the next 100 years. 

The student refers to the Paris Accords as a great piece of legislation that will save the earth. The Paris Accords are nothing but an economic piece of legislation pushed through the United Nations by several countries who wanted an economic gain, not real climate protection. If the teachers at Boerne would actually see who wrote the major pieces of the legislation, they would find out that China and India had major roles. They are the two worst polluting countries in the world, and they granted themselves a 10 year exemption from following the guidelines and a further provision for a future extension. 

Other terribly polluting developing countries also received the exemption. The United States and European countries did not and were penalized from the date of the signing. 

Our teachers in the Boerne schools, if they have the courage, should also read Dr. Rusty Reises’s complete article how the UN changed numbers to fit their models. 

I applaud the student for being concerned about the climate. However, I would encourage her and her teachers to study all sides of the issue, not just what they personally like or believe. 

This is especially true for the earth science teachers in Boerne. Don’t just pass on data from politically correct sources.

I am an extreme environmentalist and love this earth. However, I am also very realistic when it comes to the energy that we need to maintain our way of life. Solar and wind power will not come close to supplying the electrical energy that we need, and anybody who thinks that it will lives in a make-believe fairyland world.

– Harry Truman Holzman Jr., Boerne,

past presidentp South Texas Geological Society


Praise for The Star

My goodness, I have cut this Friday edition of the Boerne Star to pieces, sooo many great articles I want to keep! 

Thank you for all the wonderful articles that are featured every week in our excellent hometown newspaper! 

Tell “Tom Green Thumb” (Harris) I don’t do a thing in my garden or lawn until he tells me to, and Elena (Tucker) always cracks me up with the antics of her family. The puzzles on the game page are a must to keep our brains sharp and the thoughtful words of faith from Pastor Tom (Lanier) and Jack (Purcell) are a must-read. We still love seeing what the schoolkids are doing even though ours are now grown, with all their straightened teeth and holding certificates from this and that, and who hasn’t gotten stirred from complacency by reading the Letters to the Editor? And we love keeping up with what is going on in the community and all the upcoming events.

Well done, Boerne Star staff, keep up the good work, and here’s your “Atta boy” and “Atta girl!”

– Jan Knudson, Boerne Star subscriber