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Letters to the Editor

Comprehensive Plan Trick

Texas A&M should be ashamed of its role in Kendall County and its effort to push the county to commit over $150,000 to create a comprehensive plan. Kendall County commissioners better get a quick education about what this scheme results in. The Supreme Court ruled that this is the one essential step to allow local governments to restrict property rights. This is a slippery trap which cannot be undone when it begins.

Farmers and ranchers, large property owners and founding families’ values can be ruined in this sick process. I’ve seen this scheme used in states west of Texas to result in restriction of property rights of agricultural properties and other large landowners and ruin these families’ property value as a result.

I personally experienced a county comprehensive plan which resulted in property use restriction losses of land values from $15,000 per acre in the 1990s down to $3,000 per acre today.

The Farm Bureau should mobilize. County residents and agricultural property owners better wake up, your net worth is at risk. The alumni better straighten up the goals of Texas Agricultural University or begin a boycott against Texas A&M regarding this plan. It is my experience and belief that this is an underhanded effort to take Kendall County property owners’ land value using control by restrictions, just like county zoning.

Furthermore, let us agree that no one has to live in a county in Texas. We do have towns and cities like Boerne, and for everyone wanting city restrictions, please move inside the city limits and stay away from county property. If you are coming to Texas from a state with a bad economy, please leave Texas regulations alone, and do not seek to turn Texas into what you left to move here.

A key to the success of Texas can be seen in the preserving of the individual’s maximum rights, including property rights. If a comprehensive plan begins and loss of property rights begin to prevail in Kendall County, I believe Texas will suffer. We don’t want that.

– Ken Anderson, Boerne

Humanity has no ‘side’

No matter what side of the immigrant issue you are on, we are talking about human beings. The color of their skin may be different from yours, but nonetheless they are human beings and need to be treated as such.

Someone responded to one of my posts about this matter and said, “If they did not want to be separated from their parents and end up in cages, then they shouldn’t come here.”

Pretty harsh from my perspective, especially when you are talking about children – yes, children who have no say in the matter.

Where is our humanity?

– Richard Caldwell, Boerne