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Letters to the Editor

Need respect for others

I found Cindy Offutt’s letter to “Dear Republican friends” offensive and divisive. Ms. Offutt stated “we (meaning Democrats) are not allowed to demonize, denigrate or disrespect your views and actions, lest we cross a line.”

So, you think it’s OK to demonize, denigrate or disrespect those with an opposing view? Really? How about a civil conversation with respect for differing opinions without harassing folks with a MAGA hat, a Trump sticker on their vehicle or sign in their yard, or writing a hate-filled letter about Republicans to the editor of the local small-town paper?

The articles you write in the Progressive Views column are, more often than not, filled with misinformation and distaste for Republicans.

Instead, perhaps it would be more helpful if you would write about the plans the Democratic party has to improve this country and why your party wants open borders, income distribution, government healthcare and full-term abortion for starters.

The constant barrage of hate toward those with an opposing view from yours is divisive and likely tunes anyone out from listening to your point of view.

By the way, the “cages” are used to keep illegals safe from any harmful activity that might occur as it would be readily seen and addressed. They were in place during Obama’s administration with no complaints from your party.

We used to be a nation of laws but are no longer. That is what frightens me. What’s the next law that will be totally ignored as the immigration laws are being ignored today?

– Ricca McClain, Fair Oaks Ranch

Look at reality

When I read what Cindy Offutt of the Kendall County Democratic Party wrote (Boerne Star, July 12), I could see that she is not able to see the reality of what is happening in our Southern Hemisphere. Another explanation might be that she understands the reality of the corruption and incompetence in Mexico, Central America and South America but cynically uses the pictures of illegal aliens as a campaign slogan to win votes.

Cynically, she may wish to attack President Trump to seek to divert voters’ attention away from the failures of Democrats to cut out loopholes in immigration laws, to adequately fund DHS, CBP and ICE.

With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, this became an enormous profit opportunity for drug gangs. Many gangs moved to Colorado, including Colorado Springs.

They trade illegally diverted legal marijuana for opioids with East and West Coast gangs. The El Paso County (Colorado) Sheriff’s Office has identified about 22 drug gangs working in and around Colorado Springs. Mostly, they are Hispanic drug gangs.

Because Interstate 25 runs from Mexico to Canada, it makes Colorado very attractive to drug gangs because they can use I-25 to distribute drugs.

El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder reports that the illegal marijuana processing operations are an environmental nightmare. They have even detected traces of THC in the water supply.

Yes, I support President Trump’s efforts to enforce border security, build an effective border wall and to promptly deport illegal aliens. There are more aspects to illegal immigration that Cindy Offutt ignores and seeks to keep voters from thinking about.

The article in The American Interest is very informative. – Richard R. Allen, Colorado Springs, temporarily living in Boerne