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We’re all in this together

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A Boerne Star editorial

As novel coronavirus fears continue to affect and alter our everyday lives, let’s again pause and reflect and remember there is no reason to panic.

There … is … no … reason … to … panic.

The COVID-19 scare has, indeed, changed the way we live, work and play. We’re no longer supposed to gather in a group, whether that be at a church, a business, on the street or even in our own backyards. Shopping for groceries and supplies has taken a drastic and ugly turn. We can’t enjoy a good meal or drink while sitting inside one of our local restaurants or bars. Sports are almost non-existent. Working from home never has been more popular.

And our guess is hand-washing is at an all-time high in Kendall County and beyond.

Welcome to 2020.

In recent weeks, entities have placed the big umbrella of caution over them. School districts have closed doors. Municipalities have declared states of emergency. Courts have canceled trials. Social gatherings have been postponed or canceled. Eating establishments must service customers through drive-through or curbside options only. Even places of worship are forced to tell people to stay home and listen to sermons online.

It’s a new world – because of a virus, or the threat of one.

We understand and appreciate the extra caution. We’re fine with folks taking the better-safe-than-sorry approach. We agree with putting the health and well-being of people first. But we still must try to go about our business and live as normal of a life as possible while taking all the absolute cautions.

And, we shouldn’t let fear be in the driver’s seat. Calm and collected thinking is more important than ever.

Something we all can do, however, is support our local businesses more now than ever before. If it’s a restaurant, grab a takeout meal, see if you can order food online or take advantage of a curbside service if it offers one.

If it’s a retail establishment, figure out a way to support it, like ordering online.

Whatever you do, it’s imperative we shop local these days. Our businesses need it more now than ever before, maybe even simply to survive.

Oftentimes, many of us have asked our business community to donate to a cause or support a fundraiser. Many oblige – every time they’re asked.

It’s now time to turn the tables.

We have a wonderful business community. It helps make Boerne and Kendall County the special places they are.

During these trying times, we strongly encourage everyone to keep that local business community open, operating and even thriving by giving it your business – time and time again.

It’s time for us all to rally our support behind our community and the backbone that makes it so special – the businesses.

We can do it, Boerne. We can do it, Kendall County.

We’re all in this together. We need each other.

And we can’t do it without each other.

Let’s go the extra mile, whether it’s on the Hill Country Mile or elsewhere in our county.