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So ... just how do you cook a turkey?

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As Thanksgiving nears, The Boerne Star decided to switch gears on our Food Page this week and offer some help to our readers.

Thanksgiving is only six days away and households undoubtedly already are busy preparing for that special holiday meal.

That meal may include some secret family recipes and longstanding dishes that will grace Thanksgiving tables and fill the stomachs of all who sit around them.

But, the main dish usually centers on turkey.

In all, an estimated 46 million turkeys are eaten each Thanksgiving in the United States, which is more than double the 22 million devoured at Christmas. Traditionally, one is pardoned annually – by the president of the United States.

The average chosen turkey weighs 15 to 16 pounds.

And before going any further, here are some other interesting “turkey facts” as provided by the University of Illinois Extension Office:

•Eighty-eight percent of Americans will eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

•Almost 750 million pounds of turkey are consumed annually.

•More than 240 million turkeys are raised in the U.S. annually.

•A 15-pound turkey usually has about 70 percent white meat.

•Commercially raised turkeys cannot fly, but wild turkeys can fly for short distances.

•Adult turkeys have about 3,500 feathers.

•The bright red fleshy growth under a turkey’s throat is called a waddle.

•Turkey giblets are the heart, liver and gizzard.

•In a letter to his daughter, Benjamin Franklin proposed the turkey as the official bird of the United States.

To honor this special holiday, The Boerne Star decided to seek out some experts and ask them one important question: “How do you cook a turkey?”

We settled on Krista Kimball’s first-grade class at Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary School.

Here are their answers in their own words:

•First you go to a stor and buy one. Next set the oven for 10 minits and 87 degrees. Then you cut it. Last you surve it. – A.J.

•First you buy a Turkey. Next pout it in the frij. Then you take it awt then you set the uvin for 2 dges. Last you take it awt then you eat it. – Grace

•First you go to the market then you take it home and pout it in the feej then you take it owt of the freej and pout it in the uvin and set the ovin to 200 degrees and cep it in the ovin for 40 minutes. Last you take out the bons and you eat it. – Cade

•First I go hut a turkey and shoot it with a bebe gun. Next I wood take the turkey home and I take the fethers awt uv the turkey. Last I set the timer for one half of a hour and 300 degrees farenhite and I set the tabal and brak the wishing bone and have a gat Thanksgiving. – Wade

•First you biy a turkey at the stor. Next you pit it in the frig. Then you tak it ot uv the frig and put it in the uvin for 10 to 20 sekes. Last you put it on the table. – Charlotte

•First you oil a turkey. Next you put the turkey in the fij then you tace it out us the frije last you put is on the table. – Alexa

•First Hunt the turkey Next bring it home Then coauc it Then set the uven to 350 degrees for 10 mituts Then eat! – Ben

•First git a trce. Next cook it. Then you cooll it oof. Last srf it. – Locksley

•First I wod sesin. Next I wuod puot it in the friguradr. Last I wuod tak the trkee and pot in ovin on 12 degres 12 minits. – Drew

•First go to the Store and Buy a turkey. Next cut the Bones out. Then cook it to 45 degrees. Last Bake it and put a meat Fmamader in it. Then surve it to your family. – Josh

•First you biy a turkey next you cook it frue 10 dgres 10 minitits. I will put no toping on it necst we eat! – Chase

•First you haf to go to a store. Next you tacke it home. Then you poot it in the ofvin and poot it on infinity days. Last you take it out of the ofvin and you take out the bonse in Then you eat it. – Brody

•First you go hunting. Next you go home and put it in the freezr. Then you pluk the fethres of. Last you put in in the uven at 25 degrees and for 5 minutes. – Luke

•First bye a turkey. Next bake it for 10 minutes then put it in the frige. Last yu put it on a table and eat it. – Marcus

•First go hunt for a turkey. Next put it in the frrig then get the turkey out of the frg and put it in the ovin last eat. – Kelsey

•First you buy a turkey then take off all the fethrs then set the ovin to too days. – Tristan

•First buy a turkey. Next you put temperature to fifty degrees. Last chop the turkey and then eat it. – Cora

• First I bring it to the market. Next we bake it. Don’t forget to set the timer for 10 seconds. Then we greet it. – Lily

Krista also asked for and received some instructions from Amme Davis’ kindergarten class at FOR Elementary.

Since they haven’t learned to write, they were asked verbally.

Here are some of their responses:

•I would first put salt and then maybe some pepper. I would – cause I like garlic – I would put garlic. Then I would cook it and then eat it. – Nathan

•Kill it and then cook it. Then eat it. – Frank

•Get it from the store. Then put it in the oven. Then put it on a plate and serve it. – Landry

•First you put it in the oven. Then you cut into half. Then you eat it.” – Brooks

•First put milk in and then put the turkey in a pot. Cook it in the oven. Eat it! – Charlotte

•First cook it. Then you bake it in the oven. Then eat it all up. – Audrey

•First go to HEB to get it. Fry it at your house. Put some spices on it. Then eat it. – Wyatt

Happy eating!