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Video used to help nab 3 suspects

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Surveillance video images posted on social media led to the arrest of three people earlier this week believed to be involved in felony theft, fraud and organized criminal activity.

According to information from the Boerne Police Department, Brandon Waggoner, 28, girlfriend Audrey Lorenzi, 28, and Zachary Crowell, 32, all of San Antonio, were charged with felony fraudulent use or possession of identifying information of more than 50 items, felony engaging in organized criminal activity and felony property theft.

“This case goes to show how quality video surveillance systems can greatly increase the chances of recovering stolen property and arresting those persons involved,” a BPD press release stated. “This case also demonstrates great teamwork between law enforcement agencies.”

Information from Boerne police stated that on Aug. 5, officers took a report of a stolen cargo trailer from the Boerne Farmhouse located in the 1400 block of South Main Street. The victim posted images on a Facebook page in order to elicit help from the public in locating the trailer and/or the perpetrators.

The next day, the case was assigned to BPD Detective Micah Binkley, who started an investigation. Binkley received a call from Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Joshua Heath, who said he saw the Facebook post, recognized the suspect vehicle and ultimately identified the license plate and the registered owner.

Upon investigating the lead, Binkley tracked down a suspect, identified as Waggoner, at the Bevy Hotel. With the assistance of additional law enforcement, it was determined Waggoner had numerous pieces of stolen mail, checks and credit cards in his room.

“Waggoner and Lorenzi were in the process of ‘washing’ the checks when they were contacted,” the BPD information stated, adding that check washing is a method criminals use to remove the original information on a check and replace it with different amounts and payees.

It also was reported that over the past several days, Boerne officers and Kendall County deputies had taken several reports of damaged mailbox clusters and stolen mail.

“Some of the mail recovered is from these cases,” the BPD stated.

The other mail is believed to have been stolen from residences in San Antonio, New Braunfels and the surrounding area. As Binkley gathered more information, he was able to track down a third suspect at a San Antonio hotel.

Binkley contacted the San Antonio Police Department and with its assistance, Crow-ell was taken into custody on unrelated charges. Information states that Binkley interviewed Crowell and got a full confession, as well as the general location of where the missing trailer was being stored.

Binkley searched the area for the trailer and was able to recover it. The owner was contacted and the property was released.

Besides the three felonies, additional charges are pending.

Anyone with any additional information related to the case is asked to contact BPD Lt. Cody Lackey at or at 830-249-8645.