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Robert Louis Carver II

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Robert Louis Carver II

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March 19, 1951 – Feb. 10, 2019

  • Robert Louis Carver II

Every genealogist loves a good obituary. So here’s hoping Robert’s has it all – family, friends, some details and a few inside jokes along the way.

Robert Louis Carver, son, brother, father, husband, genealogist, comic nerd, lover of all things Superman,and gentle soul was born on March 19, 1951, in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany, to his father, Robert, 23 and his mother, Peggy, 20. His brother Mark was born on Oct. 17, 1953, in Mississippi, when Robert Louis was 2 years old.

He loved his family dearly, deeply and took a special sense of pride in helping his younger brother get through the all too perilous coming of age years while growing up in the south. Taking his first sailplane solo in 1967, Robert was well on his way to becoming a bit of an aviation geek and went on to earn his glider pilot license just a year later. 

Robert eventually moved to Texas to complete his college degree at the University of Houston (Go Coogs!), and later had two children, Christine and Randy.

As the years went by he met his dearest love Carol Elaine Bird, who became his wife in 1995. Together they had one son, Robert Louis III and was honored to be a caring step-father to Rafael, Michael, Errin and Xavier. Needless to say the house was always active, and while he may have grumbled a bit here and there, he never would have wanted it any other way. 

Robert lived a life with little regret. After all he did profit a handsome sum – substantial enough to support his comic book collecting for years after predicting Spawn would be a national hit in 1992. But alas, even more than 40 years after the fact he still kicked himself for trading in his candy apple red 1966 Ford Mustang for a Mercury Cougar … because of the sequential taillights. In his words, he thought they were “neat.” 

Robert didn’t often shirk convention, except when it came to fashion. He hated shorts and low-cut socks, even in the Texas summers. And his signature soft-soled hybrid dress-casual brown shoes carried him from the office to the garage and everywhere in between. 

On the average day you’d be most likely to find him clicking away on his computer late into the night researching a branch of the family tree, some obscure tech article or a spreadsheet of some sort.

He also took tremendous pride in all of his children, never shying away from a little bragging or updating anyone willing to listen. With all of them he worked hard to teach them life lessons. And before his passing he made sure to say, in his own way and many times over, how much he loved them. It was with his grandchildren though, Miles, Ethan, Easton, Emma and Liam, that he became an expert in the art of doting. For Robert, running was reserved only for emergencies and picking up the phone for Carol, his children or Face Time with the grandkids. He loved them all in a way only Grampa Carver could – with a twinkle in his eye that made them think he’d been waiting to see them all day long.

Through all of this Robert remained a pretty simple guy, which is why his memorial will be an uncomplicated and unfussy affair. 

Services will be held at 3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23, at the Ye Kendall Inn, 128 W Blanco Rd, Boerne.

“Take good care o’ Superman … okay, God? I miss ‘im … I ‘spect just about ever’body missus ‘im.”