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The best title I’m sure I’ll ever have

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Grandparents Day was this past Sunday, Sept. 8.

Although not an official public holiday, it was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter. A presidential proclamation on Sept. 6, 1979, made the day official and designated Sunday, Sept. 9, 1979, as the initial National Grandparents Day.

Since then, annually the first Sunday after Labor Day honors grandparents everywhere.

Hey, that means me!

Becoming a grandparent has been one of my life’s great joys. “Grandparent” undoubtedly is one of my favorite “titles.” It truly is a blessing to be a “granddad,” which is what my two little dudes call me.

My two grandsons are more precious to me than almost anything, and the special bond we’ve created is one of my favorite things ever.

My almost 7-year-old and 4-year-old grandsons are, indeed, my little buddies.

I’ve written before that it’s their fault I’m here. We moved to Texas more than three years ago so my wife and I could invest in their lives and love and spoil them up close and personal instead of at a distance. Even though they live about an hour away, we see them regularly.

When I was a grandson to my grandparents, I never realized how special the bond was. I treated my grandparents with respect and loved and honored them tremendously, as well as helped them whenever I could. I have a lot of great memories of them, and my hope is my grandboys will have the same of me.

Last Friday was Grandparents Day at my grandsons’ school. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the festivities because I was here. Because of my profession and the busyness and hecticness of it, I missed a lot of events involving my two daughters when they were growing up. So I’m sure it will be the same with the grandsons, especially since they live that hour away.

But, I’ll do what I can.

Anyway, one of my first-grader’s projects to celebrate the day was to make a list of the Top 10 reasons he loves his grandparents. When I saw it, I couldn’t help but smile and feel pretty darn good.

It’s a special list.

Here it is, with some explanation following each of his entries:

1. They have “tinkr” toys.

Yes, we do. Two sets of Tinker Toys, in fact.

Hoping to move to Boerne in the near future, we’ve packed away many of the toys we kept for the boys at our house. But, among those that remain are the two sets of Tinker Toys, and the eldest grandson spends hours building houses, garages and other things. He gets pretty creative.

2. Ther nice!

I believe in the old adage of spoiling the grandkids while you have them, and then sending them home to their parents.

Yes, of course, we have rules in our house that we expect to be followed. But, we also have the experience to be patient and go with the flow. And, when the boys are at our house, they’re almost always the center of attention and we play games and do things with them.

If that makes us nice, so be it. I think it makes us grandparents.

3. They know I love fans.

This one needs a little more in-depth explanation.

My oldest grandson has been fascinated – and obsessed – with fans from about when he could walk. He and I actually have gone into stores just to see how many ceiling fans they have and if they’re turned on. He has had conversations with employees and business owners about their fans and has offered to fix them if they’re broken.

Yes, at this time of his life, he wants to be an electrician so he can install, fix and work with fans. I’ve never seen anything like it, but it’s great.

4. They love me. Goes without saying.

5. They make the BEST food. Most of the time, when the boys come over, we let them pick what they want to eat, within reason. We eat a lot of pizza, corn-dogs, chicken nuggets and tater tots but also have more healthy options like salad, fruits and vegetables. And, of course, being the good grandparents we are, we always have chocolate cupcakes and other goodies for them.

6. They have more sleep. This is the perplexing one of the bunch as I’m not sure what it means. The boys certainly don’t get as much sleep at our house as they do at their own.

7. They have a dog and a cat. I’m not sure what that has to do with loving my grandsons and them loving us except they both also love animals. We do have a dog and a cat and the boys do enjoy getting up close and personal with them, when the pets allow.

8. They love to read. We have read many a book to our grandsons over the years. But now that my first-grader can read – and already read at about a fifth-grade level – we’ve tapered off. But reading to those boys always has been a true enjoyment.

9. They show me fans. More fans. ... Nancy and I constantly are on the lookout for anything fan-related, whether it’s advertisements, pictures or new fans anywhere. We visit stores just to look at fans and fans always are a topic of discussion when we’re together. When we drive somewhere together, we always look for porches that may have a ceiling fan installed.

10. They play with me. One of the true joys of grandparenthood – playing with Tinker Toys, Hot Wheels, a train set or outside with balls, a ring toss or whatever. Playing with both boys is the best. Our favorite game, however, is hide-and-seek. … So there you have it. The top 10 reasons my older grandson loves us. The younger one loves us, too. The special bond we have with both of them is exceptional and special beyond words. If you’re a grandparent, you just may know what I mean. I sure hope so. As always, thanks for reading.