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Plenty to be thankful for ... again

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Thanksgiving … that special day we pause, reflect and give thanks for our bounty.

The holiday is appropriately titled Thanksgiving, and not Turkey Day as some call it. After all, to my recollection we don’t have a Chicken Day, Beef Day or Fish Day on the calendar.

Although not as bad, it’s like using X-Mas. Christ, my friends, belongs in Christmas as well as in every day.

And although many celebrate this November holiday with a feast that includes the t-bird, the day is about giving thanks, not gobbling turkey.

We all know the origins of this day, dating back to the Pilgrims who helped settle this country. Long story short, they gave thanks for their bounty.

Personally, my cornucopia is full of blessings again this year, including each and every one of you who take the time to read this column and this newspaper. Over the years, I’ve had quite a fan club as Coffee with Keith has traveled from state to state with me.

I’m just getting started here in Kendall County, but I’m extremely thankful for you allowing The Boerne Star into your home or business twice a week. It’s a privilege and a responsibility we take very seriously.

I’m also thankful for our advertisers, our sources and our partners and friends who help us do what we do and help us do it well. You’re all the bread and butter, the straw that stirs the drink and the gravy on top of the potatoes.

In other words, we couldn’t do it without you, and we remain here to serve you.

Sticking with the work theme for a few more sentences, I’m also thankful for my boss, Publisher Jeff Parra. He’s truly top of the line and one of the best and a blessing to me both personally and professionally. And our parent company, Granite Publishing, is one of the best I’ve worked for during my 36-year career.

My staff – Kit Brenner, Crystal Henry, Kerry Barboza and Cleo Bretz – also are the cream of the crop. They make me look good every day, and sometimes that can be a difficult thing to do.

And Kolleen Roe, Dana Smith, Joanie Reed, Stephen Bartell and Melody Whittaker – The Star’s other employees – are a joy to work with.

For a small staff, we’re pretty darn talented, and I’m thankful.

Finally, as far as work goes, a thank you also to all our columnists and contributors. You round out our product and give it the great personality it has. And, a big thank you to this wonderful community in general.

Turning to my family, I am forever thankful for my wife, Nancy. She’s my rock and other than my faith the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thirty-eight years. I’ll say it again. She deserves sainthood.

My two daughters are my pride and joy and my two grandsons are a true gift and treasure and always give me reasons to smile. I’m also grateful for my son-in-law, my 90-plus-years-old parents, my siblings and the rest of my family.

I must mention my friends, both my new ones here and my old ones from elsewhere. When you’ve moved around as much as I have, friendships that stick can be tough. But, I have created some lasting buddyships with quite a few people, and I cherish each and every one of them.

Thank you to everyone who has made me feel so welcome here. I appreciate all of you. I hope you know who you are.

I must add that I’m thankful for our new home and the warmth and smiles it already has provided. This has been a stressful year on the home front, but I’m giddy that my commute is short and my house is comfortable and welcoming.

Most importantly, I remain thankful for my faith and my relationship with my savior, Jesus Christ. I can’t imagine people going through life without Him, as well as without the guidance from God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Being a conservative Christian man and having the saving faith in Christ is my biggest blessing. I know I often fail, so I am also especially thankful for forgiveness and the patience, love and blessings God pours on me every day.

There is so much more, but I’ll stop.

So, here we are. Next week is Thanksgiving. After it comes the hustle and bustle season and the jingling of bells, the chestnuts roasting on an open fire, seeing Mommy kissing Santa Claus, wondering if we’ve been naughty or nice – and thinking about that silent night, holy night.

Treasure your bounty. Be thankful for who you are and what you have. Count your blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving.

And, as always, thanks for reading.

I’m so thankful you do.