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Simply the messenger – fair and impartial

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As we begin the new year, let me again emphasize something critically important. The Boerne Star is accurate and balanced in its coverage. Period.

That doesn’t mean we’re perfect, but we strive for perfection in every edition we produce. And, no one around here does it better.

We recently were accused of providing some “unbalanced” coverage that was part of a “hatchet job.”

The story under “attack” was our factual recap of local candidates who have filed for the 2020 primary election that will take place in March.

As any good media source will do, we contacted both political parties – Democrats and Republicans – and asked them to provide a list regarding who will be on the local ballot.

To their credit, both parties responded promptly and cordially in giving us their list.

However, there was something missing. There were no county Democratic candidates. Zero. Nada.

No county commission candidates. No constable candidates. No sheriff candidates. No county candidates of any kind.

Well, OK, so be it.

Good or bad, that’s just the way it is.

We’re a local newspaper charged with covering and reporting local events. That’s true about us in every case, including elections.

The key word for us is “local.”

So, our story announcing the list of local candidates appropriately was written from that local angle.

Our headline read: “No Democrats in local primary.”


Our lead stated, “Local Democrats will not be represented on the March 2020 primary ballot as far as Kendall County races are concerned. In fact, not one Democrat filed for any Kendall County office.”

Again, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

We reported the facts. That cannot be disputed. There was no “hatchet job.”

It’s our local Democratic party that is providing the “unbalance” by not having any local candidates.

Again, OK. So be it.

Remember, we’re simply the messenger in all this. The information comes to us in whatever form and we pass those facts along to you.

It’s that simple – and that important.

Our story went on to quote Kendall County Republican Chairman Scott Kramer, who talked about the local GOP candidates. We also sought and did receive comment from Kendall County Democratic Chairman Kevin Henning.

However, none of his comments provided to his local paper were local. They were aimed at federal and state races, which certainly are important to all of us.

But, again, we’re the local paper and were seeking comment about local candidates. And, our local Democratic party has none.

So, to repeat, the “unbalance” was provided by our local Democratic party, which itself confirmed in a recent “Progressive Views” column in our paper that it does not have any local candidates for this upcoming 2020 primary.

And worth noting is in our effort to be fair and impartial, we did not include any Republican comments about state and federal candidates.

Both parties have, as Henning told me about the Democratic field, some “seriously amazing candidates upstream.” That is great news. We need that.

Now, let me say we’re not trying to start a war of words here.

For the record, we respect our local Democratic party as much as we respect our local Republican party.

And, as that “Progressive Views” column stated in our newspaper – space we gladly donate weekly – our local Democrats are here to stay.

We’re happy about that – just as happy as that our local Republicans are here to stay.

Fair and balanced. That’s what we’re all about.

We need a local Democratic party as much as we need a local Republican party. We’re also in favor of strong independent and any “third party” candidates.

We don’t like all the accusations being fired across the bows, but both parties are equally to blame for that.

The bottom line is that come March, and May and November, we will be here to impartially report on the elections – before, during and after – no matter who is involved.

And, we will not endorse candidates. We don’t believe that’s part of our job.

As individuals, we may prefer this candidate over that one. That’s our right as citizens. But as a newspaper everyone is on equal footing.

We just hope the best person is elected.

We will continue to inform you as best we can and will continue to cover the events of the day as best we can as well. And, nobody locally can or will do it better.

To our local Democratic party: Thank you for your thoughts and opinions and for your hard work. We appreciate all of you.

To our local Republican party: Thank you for your thoughts and opinions and for your hard work. We appreciate all of you.

And to everyone out there, as always, thanks for reading.